Ebbetts Pass Gas Service

Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, we’ve been delivering propane to Calaveras and Alpine counties since before World War II. You learn a lot about propane and your customers in that stretch of time! We also offer gasoline, diesel and sand and gravel services.

Have you heard? Elected officials want to take away your right to access propane! Don’t let politicians decide how you’ll heat your home or cook your food! Sign the petition to stop them!

Exceptional Propane and Customer Service

Exceptional Propane and Customer Service

If you’re looking for a reliable, customer-focused propane service provider, give us a call! We offer a range of propane tank sizes and payment options that suit you! We make switching propane service providers easy! Wondering about our customer service? See what other customers have to say!

Save with Automatic Delivery!

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Check out our hassle-free service which will help you:

  • Save time — no need to call us for a fill!
  • Save worry — we calculate the amount of propane in your tank!

Call us today to switch propane service providers!

Looking for a Dependable Propane Supplier?

Your Reliable Propane Supplier

Did you know that our employees stay an average of 14 years? At Ebbetts Pass Gas Service, you see the same faces year after year. Plus, our access to national supply resources for propane and other fuels means our customers never have to worry about running out of gas, even during peak usage months. We offer dependable employees and a reliable fuel supply!

Sierra Lodestar - 2019 Best of the Mother Lode

Thank you to the readers of The Sierra Lodestar for naming us No. 1 Best Propane Supplier in the Readers' Choice Awards! We appreciate the honor, and will continue to do our best for you.

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In case of emergency, call: (209) 795-1391