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California Air Resources Board is Developing a Regulation to Accelerate the Deployment of Zero-Emission Forklifts!

URGENT: California regulatory efforts are underway to eliminate propane forklifts in California.

In late 2020, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) hosted a public workshop to discuss the development of a regulation to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission forklifts. CARB staff is soliciting input from stakeholders on the regulatory scope and approaches to accelerate the transition of diesel and large-spark ignition forklifts to zero-emission technology. Ideas presented have included requiring forklift owners to scrap fully functional forklifts years prior to the end of useful life.

While increasing electric incentives may be well-intended, propane forklifts continue to have a unique role to play today in carbon neutrality goals and business operations. Propane forklifts provide customers with energy resiliency, as the fuel is not subject to utility black-outs. Additionally, propane is often the fuel of choice for its power, duty cycle, and operational lifetime. Further, propane provides affordable energy with pricing stability to help business better forecast cost for operations. Lastly, advancements in propane in- cluding the availability of renewable propane as well as new low NOx engine technologies in development, provide even cleaner propane forklift power for your operations.


Step 1) Visit WPGA’s Forklift Stakeholder Website and Join our Coalition

We are asking all interested parties to visit our new website at: and join our coalition of stakeholders looking to advocate for clean energy diversity and resiliency options.

Step 2) Stay Engaged

Join our coalition, have a say in your energy choice!

Once you have joined the coalition, stay up-to-date with current developments, share industry insight, scheduled workshops, and opportunities to provide feedback to CARB.

Step 3) Share your Experiences with CARB

As the process continues, CARB will solicit feedback from stakeholders during workshops and public com- ment periods. These are opportunities to share public testimony as to the benefits of propane forklifts and why electric forklifts fail to meet your needs.

For more information regarding this coalition, please contact WPGA’s Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Ben Granholm. For details regarding the regulation, visit CARB’s ZE Forklift website.