Stay Safe this winter!

Winters in the mountains can be brutal, which is why reliable, on-site propane is an excellent choice to get through this heating season. But, even propane requires extra precautions when Old Man Winter strikes.

At Ebbetts Pas Gas Service, we take safety seriously! These tips can help you stay safe and warm all winter long.

Make sure your heating system and appliances are running efficiently. Be safe and save money—have a qualified service technician inspect and service your appliances and propane system.

Maintain an adequate supply of propane in your tank. If you’re not already on our Automatic Delivery plan, call Ebbetts Pas Gas Service when your propane tank is at 30%. A severe storm can hinder additional propane deliveries.

Weather Weather Safety Tips

When temperatures drop, it's important to remember these #propane safety tips. For more information, go to

Posted by Propane Education & Research Council on Friday, January 5, 2018

Stay in touch with Ebbetts Pas Gas Service. Doing so gives you enough time to arrange a refill long before you run out of propane.

Tell Ebbetts Pas Gas Service right away if you run out of propane. A qualified service technician must check your system for leaks before turning the gas back on (another good reason to consider our Automatic Delivery Service!).

Keep the path to your propane tank clear. A clear path helps drivers get to your tank easily, fill it quickly, and move on to our next valued customer.

  • Designate an area to pile any accumulation of snow safely away from any propane equipment. Advise snow removal companies of the location of your propane tanks and equipment, so they can keep clear of it to avoid damage and potentially dangerous gas leaks.

Allow your appliances to vent properly. If it is safe to do so, clear snow and ice away from outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues to prevent blocking any ventilation. Never shovel snow off roofs and onto propane equipment. Heavy accumulations of snow or ice falling on tanks, regulators, meters, piping, or valves may cause damage that could result in a gas leak.

Clear snow and ice from around your propane tank. This includes regulators, regulator vents, piping, tubing, and valves to avoid damage. Use a broom instead of a shovel to prevent damage to your propane system components. If you notice any snow or ice buildup that cannot be removed easily, contact your propane retailer immediately. DO NOT attempt to remove snow or ice by kicking or hitting equipment.

  • In high snowfall areas, drifting snow and/or snow and ice sliding off the roof may require additional regulator and vent protection. Consider installing snow protection or a “snow shelter” above your meter or regulator to prevent snow and ice damage.
  • Mark your tank with a brightly colored stake or flag taller than the maximum anticipated snow depth. Also, mark your secondary pressure regulator or meter. It is usually near the side of your home. It is important to mark your tank and equipment to enable emergency and propane service personnel to locate it at all times.

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